You Should Travel Before You Die, Biggest Music Festivals  in the world

1. Donauinselfest, Austria

An annual free open-air music festival called the Donauinselfest, which translates to “Danube Island Festival,” takes place in Donauinsel in Vienna, Austria. SP Wien is the festival’s host. With over 3 million attendees over 3 days, it is the world’s largest open-air music event.

2. Mawazine, Morocco

Over 2.5 million people attend Mawazine, a music festival with 7 stages located throughout the Moroccan capital, which takes over Rabat for more than a week. Fans from all over the world congregate here. The line-up includes international performers like Placebo, Maroon 5, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, AVICII, and Pharrell Williams in addition to Moroccan and African celebrities.

3. Montreal International Jazz Festival, Canada

Music festivals are enjoyable for people of all ages, and the renowned Montreal Jazz Fest is a wonderful focal point for an inexpensive family vacation in Canada.

10,000 children a day cannot be incorrect! Out of the 2.5 million tourists who attend the International Festival de Jazz de Montréal each year, it is the estimated daily attendance. Over 150 events are held during this family-friendly festival from June 28 to July 7, 2018, where children may learn, listen, and have fun. This year’s artists include jazz legend Herbie Hancock, bluesman Boz Scaggs, and pop singer Seal.

4. Summerfest, United States

Every year, Summerfest offers one of the largest Midwest-wide festivities of music, food, and fun, and this year is no exception. The World’s Largest Music Celebration, which annually brings thousands of music fans to Milwaukee’s Lake Michigan coast, started as a small festival to highlight the Milwaukee community. About 830,000 fans attend it.

With big-name acts, unusual festival fare, and a range of unique events and activities, Summerfest is making this year’s fest the finest yet. This three-weekend extravaganza will be a highlight of your summer. It’s a festival ideal for spending summer days with friends, and thanks to its special family attractions, both parents and children will enjoy it there. 

5. Woodstock (Pol’and’Rock), Poland

Alcohol was not allowed at the festival the first year it was held, which upset attendees who were there to party. The following year, the prohibition was removed, and since then, alcohol has been freely available. About 750,000 fans attend it. Held in August in Kostrzyn and Odra.

6. Rock in Rio, Brazil

A recurring music event, Rock in Rio is named after Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Later, it spread to other cities, including Lisbon, Madrid, and Las Vegas. Rio rock is. logo for Rock in Rio before a concert. . About 700,000 fans attend it.

The band determined that it should serve as the basis for their next double live album and first concert DVD release due to the significance of the occasion (the concert was performed to 250,000 fans on the day and an estimated worldwide TV audience of over one billion).

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